The Connected Life- Victory over Suicide

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The Connected Life | Episode 35-Justin and Abi’s Victory Over Suicide

This is a great podcast about a very sensitive issue. Suicide. Abi and Justin Stumvoll are a high impact ministry team both of who fill the room with a powerful positive energy as they give their testimonies. It is hard to believe that they both have had struggles with the darkness associated with suicide. As they tell their stories it becomes obvious how God has intervened to help them live an abundant Life.

I have had the opportunity to listen to Abi on one occasion as a guest speaker in a church we attended. Teamed with her husband Justin they are an inspiration and no nonsense duo. If you know someone struggling with issues like suicide hook them up with this podcast. It’s a hard subject but one that doesn’t need to be scary. When the darkness is exposed it looses all its power. Don’t be afraid to let God into the situation.