Woman executed in Capitol

The peaceful rally in Washington DC on Jan 6 2021 to Stop The Steal of the presidential election and to install the Globalist puppet Joe Biden was turned into an execution. Reports from the ground have explained that the DC police were told to stand down and remove the barriers and allow the crowds of over 1 million protestors to get up to the building. It was also reported that bus loads of Antifa were seen disguised as Trump supporters and advanced toward the Capitol. Once inside the building someone broke a window and through all the excitement and zeal to have her voice heard a woman quickly jumped through the broken window toward an inner hallway. A shot was fired at the woman to the head and neck using a rubber bullet. It was possibly some of the private security from Chuck Schumer but at this time the identity of the executioner is still unknown. This is a tragedy and should not happen. People have a right to free and fair elections and have a right to be heard. The woman who was killed served 14 years in the military service. This was not a “thug”. She was not an antarchst. She was a Patriot and loved this country. We demand justice for her and for the 80 million Americans who electrd Trump to be president. The violence against the the American people must stop. The criminals who want to change our nation into a Communist country must be removed. We demand justice.

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