The Worst Enviromental Problem Facing Humanity – BIOSLUDGE

The toxic sludge that is given free to farmers, sold as “eco friendly” soil fertizler is poisining our food supply at an alarming rate. Raw sewage from municapal sewage treatment facilities is being seperated and distributed to a farm near you. Its polluting rivers, lakes, and the very soil used to grow our food. It is putting these dangerous chemicals, drugs, viruses, bacteria, plastics, and thousands of toxic dangerous biohazards into the food we eat and killing humanity. Continuation of this unethical and enviromentally dangerous practice will kill the inhabitants of Earth far before any threat of CO2. In fact, there isnt a CO2 problem with the environment since the increase is actually good for the plannet. The Biosludge poisoning of the farmlands has reached almost irreversible levels and must be addressed. Exposing the EPAs corruptness and bringing the problem to rhe people theough a public outcry must be our answer. We cannot continue the dumping of toxic sludge on our foods and expect to be healthy.

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