South Africa in Moral and Economic Crisis

South Africa Wants to Change Their Constitution

On August 5, 2018 President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa announced his intention to amend the constitution. He wants it legal to confiscate  land of South African farmers (White farmers specifically). He supports doing this without any compensation.

Soutoh Africa President Announcing changes to the constitution

This practice of farmland confiscation is not new and has been ongoing for many years.  It goes as far back as when the ANC took power and apartheid ended.  Only recently has it come to the world’s attention.  The increase of farm murders has become epidemic.  Massacres of white Afrikaans of South Africa owning farms and land are happening in large numbers.  Surprisingly multiple times a week.

Families Are In Crisis

This is criminal and legalizing murder.  It is a tragedy and injustice.  My heart goes out to these people suffering from this ethnic cleansing and genocide.  I have many friends in different areas of South Africa.  This problem affects me personally.  The YouTube video speak about the South African government supporting the practice of land confiscation.  The recent news proves that this president is openly supporting and endorsing this action.

Subsequently, these videos and articles are only the tip of the iceberg of news.  The country is currently in a critical situation.  Here (warning some graphic images) is another story.

South Africa Policy of Land Confiscation

It tells about the surviving families that have been displaced and made homeless by the ANC policies.

Economic and Social Order Is Breaking Down

The lasting effect  is that it is hurting the economy.  The once rich farmlands are quickly disappearing as the new owners and thugs and murders are not using them for producing food.  Additionally, the real statistics of land ownership are also grossly exaggerated as white landowners only own about 25% of the farmland instead of the 70% number used by the government.  The food shortages that once had strong domestic production, like wheat and cotton, are now being imported.

“South Africa’s agricultural sector has been steadily in decline. Farms used to provide millions of jobs. Now they offer less than a million. Wheat planting has fallen to a third. Cotton to a tenth.  A country that once exported wheat, is now iimportin millions of tons while its agriculture sector fails.”

A Racist Communist Famine Grows in South Africa

Leftist land seizures and racist politics will lead to genocide.

August 8, 2018

No matter how you feel politically about the regime in South Africa, the problems of human rights violations should speak to all our consciences.  At a time when awareness of hate, racial and ethic discrimination is rampant around the world, these blatant violations of humanity are not getting enough attention, in my opinion.  Myself, I believe that if it touches your heart and makes you feel compassion we ask God what we can do to help.  Our prayers for the people, the Christians being persecuted especially in this nation, are critical.  I would like to see God move to bring a stop to such violence and the God of Christianity to be glorified.  But no matter what your religious belief, how can we stand by to watch our fellow innocent human beings suffer if there is something we can do to help?