Lion of Judah

The Lion Of Judah

The Lion of Judah- Sunday September 23, 2018 God showed up at a small house church we were attending in the Houston area. I know when people hear that God showed up they are probably thinking “the presence of God was with the people” or “I felt God’s power” through healing or another manifestation. Or maybe God spoke to your heart. Those all happen and I love it when God shows up in these and other ways. But this day, God manifested himself to the pastor, who has been able to see in the spirit realm all his life. God came into the room and was visibly seen by him and spoke directly to him. I have asked him to share in writing what exactly he saw as this supernatural event took place. Below is the eyewitness description of the actual event.

God Showed Up

God came into our house to let us know He had our back.  The sermon that day was entitled Hold Your Tongue.  However,  God wanted to reveal himself.  We did not know until after the pastor finished speaking.  Later the pastor told us that his testimony during the sermon, about the previous vision during another worship service years ago, of the lion, was not part of his original sermon.  God kept pushing him to share about the Lion of Judah.  He had not shared about it except one other time.

The Holy Spirit then began to prompt him to speak of other instances where someone has had “his back” in a difficult situation.  Through him God revealed that He has our back.  Quoting from 1 Peter it says: “The Devil walks about like a roaring lion seeking who he may devour.”  But the Devil is not a lion.  He is only like a lion.  Jesus is the real Lion of Judah.  Satan only tries to replicate the greatness of God to deceive us.  He has no power over our lives.  That is why he must trick us into believing we have no power in this world.

Sunday Sermon

When we acknowledge that Satan is the “God of this world” , as the scripture says, we are leaving out an important fact.  Yes mankind allowed Satan to have power over the worldly realm because of his sin.  But Satan wants us to continue to believe that he still has that power even after Jesus came to restore God’s creation through the death on the cross.  Christians live our lives like we are somehow subject to the Devil and his deceptive ways because of that, but God has given us all power and authority over the earth.  The Devil only has the power we give him in our lives.  Jesus has restored creation and given believers life and power over our enemies.  We only need to start believing that it is ours.

The Lion of Judah

We  have the Lion of Judah at our backs.  We cannot be defeated and Jesus wanted us to know He is not a little kitten, but a huge lion capable of giving us a life free from fear of the lies of the enemy.  The Creator is not less powerful than His creation.  The Creator of the world is with us.  We should not be afraid.  If we let the Word of God be planted into the good ground of our imagination, seeing ourselves the way God sees us, it will produce faith to overcome the world.  And we will be transformed into that person.  God came this day to tell us we are His.