America’s Frontline Doctors Expose Covid hoax

Facebook and Youtube has decided to censor important information about Hydrochloriquine as a treatment for covid 19. The group of doctors called America’s Frontline Doctors are consisting of dozens of top notch educated and highly experienced doctors who have seen the effects of these treatments first hand. They speak out on this video as well as give documentation on their website The issue of censorship by the media and tech giants points to alterior motives and a serious hoax being played on the whole world.

They talk about how the covid hoax is hurting thr nation more than the infection of covid itself. They also encourage children to be put back into school. Depression, which has been on the rise since the lockdowns, reduces the zinc levels in the body which also reduces immune systems. Children have been proven to be highly more resistant to viral infections especially with covid therefore, the science has consistantly agreed with allowing children to be back in school.

The concern here is the strong arm of big tech censorship against any information that goes against the narative pushing socailism and forced vaccinations. This information given about the Hydrochloriquine and the covid hoax is clear evidence that any kind of vaccine is unnecessary. The fact that it is being silenced is also proof that the agenda we are experiencing in this lockdown has nothing to do with public health but only to promote a socialist one world economic system through medical tyrany. Big Pharma only gets richer when the covid hoax continues and cheap and effective treatments are repressed.

update by the doctors