Breakthrough And Update From Thailand Partners

Wow! Awesome news from our friends in Thailand. Ajan Rob and Nusara Pirkle are missionaries and our good friends in Thailand with Breakthrough Nations ministries.  They want you to know about the power of God moving with them daily with their ministry. I have a clip of Rob and assistant (tech/translator and much more) giving an update.  This testimony clip went viral  in Thailand and affected so many people for the Gospel. It is in Thai with subtitles, but the greatest part is ….it is in Thai.  This means many who do not know English well can watch and God will move in their hearts too.  They can begin to get free from the bondage of law in their lives. It has been happening everywhere they go.

They Began With Revival

Rob and his team have been in Thailand since January 2018.  They have been following God’s direction and have been seeing miracles and the power of God.  It began with a small meeting in an insurance office in Chaing Rai that suddenly began growing and from the first month saw revival meetings every night.  They also started a School of the Holy Spirit as well as traveled to Myanmar to assist and encourage another missionary running an orphanage and children’s ministry.

Now God Is Giving Breakthrough All Over Thailand

The video says they are currently in Phuket Thailand, which is south on the west (Indian Ocean side).  This is the opposite of where I lived with my wife who was formerly pastor on Koh Samui for many years.  I am very excited because I know what it is like to be where they are and what it is like to see those hungry for truth.  It is such a blessing to know how Rob and his team at Breakthrough Nations is bringing the people back to the heart of God.  They are showing them that God is concerned with what is in our heart.  People everywhere are beginning to know the Father and experience the love of God freely. I hope you watch the whole clip because you will be encouraged.