Studying God’s Grace

God's Grace

We Are Justified By Grace

We are justified freely by God’s grace. Rom 3:24. What does it mean to be justified? Well justified means we are made right in God’s eyes. God’s grace allows us to stand before Him as if we never had sinned at all. It was not because of anything we did, any work of righteousness making us justified, but only by His grace. My friend Pastor Jonnathan Zin  Truong likes to use the Passion Translation and I found that it gives an extremely descriptive insight. Here is Rom 3:24 TPT :

24 Yet through his powerful declaration of acquittal, God freely gives away his righteousness. His gift[a] of love and favor now cascades over us, all because Jesus, the Anointed One, has liberated us from the guilt, punishment, and power of sin!

Now compare the scripture in Romans 5:1 where it says we are justified by faith also in TPT:

5 Our faith in Jesus transfers God’s righteousness to us and he now declares us flawless in his eyes.[a] This means we can now enjoy true and lasting peace[b] with God, all because of what our Lord Jesus, the Anointed One, has done for us.

They kind of say the same thing except the first verse, we are justified by grace, just is saying it could never have happened if not for God’s willingness to redeem us. The second verse is telling us exactly what justifies us, which is faith in Jesus. Both verses explain that God can accept us as if we had never sinned into a relationship with Him.

God's Amazing Grace

Grace Brings salvation

The grace of God justifies us because of our redemption that is in Christ Jesus. We are not judged by sin and the law anymore! Praise God! But here is another amazing thing. God’s grace is also extended to us before we accept His forgiveness. It is the very thing that draws the lost to Him. His grace brings salvation. NOT THE LAW.
Titus 2:11,12 says “The grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men…

Ephesians 2:8-9 King James Version (KJV)

For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: 9 Not of works, lest any man should boast

This is awesome and so beautiful because you know, God’s grace draws us and allows us to freely come to his presence and it is available to everyone. Nobody can, and God won’t force you to believe anything. So this great thing is available to us by His grace. Nothing can disqualify you from the free gift of salvation when you choose to believe it, and by faith receive it through Jesus Christ.

Grace Gives Hope

God has done it! No other person act or thing has allowed us to have this justification available. It is by His grace, goodness, and kindness we are not left alone in this world with our sins. Knowing this gives us peace and hope. We rejoice in the knowledge that we are free from the power sin had over our lives. We rejoice in the Glory of God even so much that we can rejoice in our tribulations because we know that the end results in hope. This grace, has appeared to all men and teaches us how to live righteously and godly in this present world. This also gives us hope. Giving us the desire to draw closer to God.

Grace removes us from control of the law

For sin shall not have dominion over us anymore. We are not under law but under grace. Rom 6:14

If someone truly experiences the freedom and hope of being free from condemnation, having joy with the desire to know and love God, why would anyone believe that grace is a free pass to sin more?

Grace Removes The Fear of Condemnation

Knowing that we can go boldly before the throne of grace (Heb 4:16) to obtain mercy and find grace in time of need; to experience the fullness of God’s love as he pours out His Spirit on hungry hearts, why would anyone want to be put back again into bondage? Restricting something God gives us freely is like saying God might have made a mistake by giving us too much freedom. How absurd. God gives you this grace. Don’t listen to anyone who would try to steal the joy and peace God has desired you to have.




South Africa in Moral and Economic Crisis

Soutoh Africa President Announcing changes to the constitution

South Africa Wants to Change Their Constitution

On August 5, 2018 President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa announced his intention to amend the constitution. He wants it legal to confiscate  land of South African farmers (White farmers specifically). He supports doing this without any compensation.

Soutoh Africa President Announcing changes to the constitution

This practice of farmland confiscation is not new and has been ongoing for many years.  It goes as far back as when the ANC took power and apartheid ended.  Only recently has it come to the world’s attention.  The increase of farm murders has become epidemic.  Massacres of white Afrikaans of South Africa owning farms and land are happening in large numbers.  Surprisingly multiple times a week.

Families Are In Crisis

This is criminal and legalizing murder.  It is a tragedy and injustice.  My heart goes out to these people suffering from this ethnic cleansing and genocide.  I have many friends in different areas of South Africa.  This problem affects me personally.  The YouTube video speak about the South African government supporting the practice of land confiscation.  The recent news proves that this president is openly supporting and endorsing this action.

Subsequently, these videos and articles are only the tip of the iceberg of news.  The country is currently in a critical situation.  Here (warning some graphic images) is another story.

South Africa Policy of Land Confiscation

It tells about the surviving families that have been displaced and made homeless by the ANC policies.

Economic and Social Order Is Breaking Down

The lasting effect  is that it is hurting the economy.  The once rich farmlands are quickly disappearing as the new owners and thugs and murders are not using them for producing food.  Additionally, the real statistics of land ownership are also grossly exaggerated as white landowners only own about 25% of the farmland instead of the 70% number used by the government.  The food shortages that once had strong domestic production, like wheat and cotton, are now being imported.

“South Africa’s agricultural sector has been steadily in decline. Farms used to provide millions of jobs. Now they offer less than a million. Wheat planting has fallen to a third. Cotton to a tenth.  A country that once exported wheat, is now iimportin millions of tons while its agriculture sector fails.”

A Racist Communist Famine Grows in South Africa

Leftist land seizures and racist politics will lead to genocide.

August 8, 2018

No matter how you feel politically about the regime in South Africa, the problems of human rights violations should speak to all our consciences.  At a time when awareness of hate, racial and ethic discrimination is rampant around the world, these blatant violations of humanity are not getting enough attention, in my opinion.  Myself, I believe that if it touches your heart and makes you feel compassion we ask God what we can do to help.  Our prayers for the people, the Christians being persecuted especially in this nation, are critical.  I would like to see God move to bring a stop to such violence and the God of Christianity to be glorified.  But no matter what your religious belief, how can we stand by to watch our fellow innocent human beings suffer if there is something we can do to help?









Breakthrough And Update From Thailand Partners

Breakthrough Nations Testimony from Thailand

Wow! Awesome news from our friends in Thailand. Ajan Rob and Nusara Pirkle are missionaries and our good friends in Thailand with Breakthrough Nations ministries.  They want you to know about the power of God moving with them daily with their ministry. I have a clip of Rob and assistant (tech/translator and much more) giving an update.  This testimony clip went viral  in Thailand and affected so many people for the Gospel. It is in Thai with subtitles, but the greatest part is ….it is in Thai.  This means many who do not know English well can watch and God will move in their hearts too.  They can begin to get free from the bondage of law in their lives. It has been happening everywhere they go.

They Began With Revival

Rob and his team have been in Thailand since January 2018.  They have been following God’s direction and have been seeing miracles and the power of God.  It began with a small meeting in an insurance office in Chaing Rai that suddenly began growing and from the first month saw revival meetings every night.  They also started a School of the Holy Spirit as well as traveled to Myanmar to assist and encourage another missionary running an orphanage and children’s ministry.

Now God Is Giving Breakthrough All Over Thailand

The video says they are currently in Phuket Thailand, which is south on the west (Indian Ocean side).  This is the opposite of where I lived with my wife who was formerly pastor on Koh Samui for many years.  I am very excited because I know what it is like to be where they are and what it is like to see those hungry for truth.  It is such a blessing to know how Rob and his team at Breakthrough Nations is bringing the people back to the heart of God.  They are showing them that God is concerned with what is in our heart.  People everywhere are beginning to know the Father and experience the love of God freely. I hope you watch the whole clip because you will be encouraged.

Fire From Thai Girl With The Word

Thai Girl preaching on fire

I have to post this video of the little girl preaching.  She is on fire for God. Its the real thing.  I believe this is in Thailand but not sure exactly where.  The first link is in Thai and the second one she repeats in English.

Thai Girl preaching on fire

Posted by Mark Meyer on Sunday, May 6, 2018