God s Amazing Grace

Wow! What has God done?  And what is He doing? Ever Since I fell off the ladder and broke my heel bone on my right foot in 5 places God has been working on me to understand something.  He is taking me through the Word to study and meditate on every scripture I can find about Grace.  This is about the 5th day but I have been taking one verse at a time and trying to grasp a deeper understanding of God’s grace in my life as a believer and what direction He wants for me and Pin at this time.  So some of the scripture about Grace has different meaning, but I am concentrating on Grace as it means God’s undeserved and unmerited favor on His creation.  Referring to the grace that God extends to all, calling all people believers and unbelievers alike, to know the true person of Jesus Christ and the love of God.

God s Amazing Grace

God no longer holds us to a standard of unachievable rules which, however holy and righteous, we cannot accomplish on our own.  God calls us into a relationship with Himself, which was His purpose for His creation even from the beginning.  Only now can we fully understand His love as we are able to receive the love of Jesus Christ in our lives.

Grace and Truth Came by Jesus Christ

My verses today start in John 1:16 & 17 ” And of His fullness we have all received grace for grace, for the law was given by Moses, but Grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.”

God’s grace has always been given to us because He loved us even from the beginning.  Even before the creation of the world He knew us!  And loved us.  And forgave us, even before we committed our first sin.  That is the depth of love God wants us to discover and for it to become more real every day.  We can never know the depth of His love, it is everlasting.

When we think about Moses and the law and Grace that came by Jesus Christ I think the word is pointing out that only now we can see clearly God’s plan of grace for salvation of humanity through Jesus Christ.  God’s grace to us from before Christ and after Christ is the same, in the sense that before Christ He showed grace by a shadow and type.  His grace has always been unending.

God Has Always Wanted a Relationship

God’s character has never changed.  The word says if we live by the law, we die by the law.  God says now we no longer need fear because of our imperfection under the Law, the covenant has been fulfilled through the blood of Christ. He sees our sin no more.  Freely we have received and freely we can give.  Its only when we understand the love God has for us that we can begin to love others.  And we can begin to allow God to have full access to our lives without fear or reservations.  Once we come to that place, where we suddenly realize God is not standing over us with a big stick ready to punish us every time we make a mistake, we can open our hearts to what He has always wanted….a relationship.  Built on Love not fear.

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